Friday, August 19, 2005

Old Proxima's lens

I think I'll start off with the proxima's lens since it's free. Specifications off side of lens: 260-280mm f/7.6 Projection lens JML Optical. Discussion on the lens at diyAudio.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Shopping list

I've started compiling my parts list. So far the list looks like this:
400w Metal Halide light kit (86 euro)
Fresnel 310 x 310 x 4mm, F = 214/326mm (19 euro)
Condensator lense 76mm (9 euro)
Reflector 64mm (8 euro)
Mirror 160 x 183 x 4mm (15 euro)
Heatprotective Borosilicate Glass 500Celsius 125 x 217 x 5mm (1o euro)
Shipping (17 euro)
Adjustable lense F=285-330 mm (38 euro)
Shipping (17 euro)

Now all I need is cash!

15" LCD

I've got an old 15" LG Flatron 575LE im not using any longer, this will be the heart of my projector. Specifications are 1024 x 768, 24Bits, contrast 200: 1, Response Time >45ms. Hopefully it's adequate, contrast and response time could be better, but hey it is was free!

It begins

I have been brewing the idea of building my own lcd projector for about 6 months after first stumbling across the diyAudio forums. However I forgot it for while because I managed to get an abandoned Proxima DP2810 projector we found in a dumpster to work. However beside it being from '93, 640x480 resolution & 100:1 contrast, it also has ghost images and flickering colours. I don't really even bother watching it since it's so bad. I took the projector apart when trying to get it to work so I got a peek at how these things are supposed to work. I may use some parts from the Proxima in my project if my brothher bears to part with it, mosyt useful would be it's hand adjustable varifocal lense and mirror. We also dug up a 160cm wide screen that was thrown out along with the projector this is in perfect cond and may be used as a screen for YADP.

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